–These thoughts were from a different comments section and are more geared around the tragic ending and therefore less fluffy in nature……….. Scarlet Heart Ryeo was my first time watching any Kdrama (I also had never seen LJG in anything before —so I knew nothing of how he’s normally cast), I actually spent the whole first half of the show thinking So was the “emo-bad-guy-step-brother-character-type” since in Cdrama —he totally fits that trope…. While this is true to history, she really doesn’t know that. Episode 19 didn’t impact me much. He waited and waited to rescue her when she allowed him to. Of course, Hae Soo doesn’t do that. I was totally disappointed in the national ratings of the drama. You thought your life was complicated now. Back in the day, if a court lady was ordered to stay away from the princes, she stayed away from the princes. Wook’s mother has given up on her son becoming king, so she focuses on having her daughter, Princess Yeon-hwa, half sister to So, become queen. People are spying on Hae Soo and Jung… what a surprise (sarcastic remark). She asked him to marry her. Of course, Hae Soo has an answer to the mask problem: create another mask by using makeup. To be honest, he’s the main reason I’m watching. It brought me so much joy whenever Hae Soo, would talk back to So, unexpectedly lecture and or empathize/comfort So. It felt real. to put the 4th prince (Prince So) in the position of performing  the rain ceremony. They look so good together. She’s going to be accused of trying to kill the Crown Prince, or at the very least, Prince So. You can boost your chances of having a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby by following a few simple guidelines. Now that you know you're pregnant, it's more important than ever to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. So when she finally leaves him he’s so devastated that he can’t even bring himself to visit/get her back. After reading a number of blogs/reviews of SHR, I’ve found that many reviewers weren’t pleased with how the writers introduced Wang So, since his character doesn’t appear as a “main character” in the first 7-8 episodes —I found that made him even more mysterious, and made me even more eager to see him more. Again, I don’t get it. One of the reasons why I loved this show so much after my first watch was how showed all people live in the morally grey area. Like I said before, this can’t be good. Working at a cosmetics store, which happens to be near an exhibition of Goryeo artifacts, Hae Soo (now back to being Go Ha Jin) meets up with a man we recognize as Choi Ji Mong, the palace astronomer. I certainly hope the editing returns to normal. 2) Hae Soo and Wang Jung’s sweet moments will be reported to Wang So. The public is fickle and to make Prince So go through that gauntlet of common (and uneducated) townsfolk was cruel. You screwed up. View all posts by 나오미. Why? Her husband Jin Eon who is the son of a large pharmaceutical company gets seduced by the poor young and beautiful Seol Ri and decides to divorce Hae Kang. It had to be difficult for him to know Hae Soo was in love with So. Back to Prince So…he wants Hae Soo, and he just may succeed in his efforts. Now, if that won’t break him and Hae Soo apart, I don’t know what will. The whole series centers around him. He tells Prince Yo to go out and check on grain stores around the kingdom, leaving Prince So at the palace and close to the Crown Prince. But she had spent so many years as Hae Soo that every day her life as Go Ha Jin faded a little more. She did a great job of covering Prince So’s scar, letting him walk the gauntlet again, this time with the common people treating him well. Soo knew that she was pregnant, and became afraid that Yeonhwa would murder her fetus. Prince So is now solid as Hae Soo’s true friend and protector. The doctor tells her she’s pregnant which Hae Soo already knew. Of course, that makes Prince So want her more. Hae Soo (IU) panics well, causing her to do not the brightest of things, and Prince So (Lee Joon Gi) is a great kisser, even when forcing that kiss on someone. In an average 28-day menstrual cycle, ovulation typically occurs about 14 days before the start of the next menstrual period. This is tearing Prince So apart. I mean, that was one sexy kiss he forced on Hae Soo. This is because I am an avid Lee Joon Gi fan. I can’t see Emperor Taejo giving permission for one of his sons to marry a woman who scarred herself so she would not have to marry him.