To get two extra usages of a spell you have to multiple 1.35 by 2, giving you 2.70. With the help of these tips and strategies, you will learn how to get stones and other resources faster, join a guild, level up your heroes and unlock their skills. Final Fantasy XV has a unique and fluid Battle system with a lot of moving parts. In order to unlock the door you must obtain the key from an old lady residing at the Meldacio Hunter Headquarters. CNET has some tips to get you into the swing of this epic game. This is one of the many such doors that can be found in the dungeons of Final Fantasy XV. The most powerful weapon in the game is an easy find… well, almost. Final Fantasy XV has arrived, and fans are finally playing the game they waited so long for.As we pointed out in our Final Fantasy XV review, it’s a unique experience for Final Fantasy veterans.So, before you dive into this new FF adventure for fans and newcomers, there are a few basics to understand in the opening hours. The new game has an entirely new way to fight. If you're just diving in, you're likely wondering what's the best way to gain Final Fantasy XV’s combat system is very different from the older games in the series. To get more weapons than just the katana and knives you start with in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, you’ll want to hit up the weapon shop in Lestallum, or in other outposts later on. This is a page on the item Strong Whiskers from the game Final Fantasy XV (FFXV, FF15). Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a strategy/base-building game from Epic Action. After 10 long years of development, Final Fantasy XV is here. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition has finally released on PC, and the Royal Edition has also arrived on PS4 and Xbox One. Read on to know more about this item, how to get it, and what effects it has in the game! Final Fantasy XV … Due to that it's easy to mostly ignore the Armiger feature, and everything it can do for you. FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION contains the beloved main characters… 2018-02-09T03:00:00.000Z Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition . Upgrade Weapons – Final Fantasy XV. Threat Meter, Warp-Kills and Warp Strikes: The Threat Meter is the red bar that appears at the top of the screen. Final Fantasy XV Combat Basics. You need to get to the Balouve Mines and find the locked vault door. You now have to round it up (3.00) - you will need 3 pieces of that catalyst. 12 tips to guide you through Final Fantasy XV. They are also strong against traps, so having a march or two of them can be very helpful for both making progress and on offense. There aren’t a ton of weapons in Final Fantasy XV, but a few of the ones you will come across, you can actually upgrade to create something truly powerful. To get five extra usages of a spell you have to multiple 1.35 by 5, giving you 6.75.