Using the example above, you'd just need to add a "coupon" field to your form and it would automatically pre-fill with the matching query parameter. HTML Forms A common and simple way of gathering data is through HTML Forms. Your link is calculated at compile time on the server. To prevent a HTML action (it is not about the attribute action, it is about a generic HTML action, such as going to an URL following a href or a submit) javascript uses return false statement. If you want to add attributes to a form generated from Html.BeginForm() in MVC, you can do so by passing them as htmlAttributes parameters. If the method attribute is set to GET, the browser drops the querystring parameters from the action attribute before constructing the form argument values. To capture this data in your form, just create a hidden field for each tag and give them the same name as the tag, so for this example you'd create the following hidden fields: Add hidden field(s) to your form by double clicking your existing form and clicking the Hidden Field button on the left of the Form Designer. private String loginuser; //its getter setter once you click url, your action class loginuser will have loginuser value passed through url. Functions are triggered by events. If both are html pages, no point in passing the values. Multiple parameters can be passed through the URL by separating them with multiple "&". In this article, we'll look at how to use the Spring annotation @RequestParamin combination with Thymeleaf. The question is that if we like to open up a specific request within the form, how can we pass the parameters through url to the jsp file. It can allow to determine if the action must be executed or not. The form is submitted to the Servlet which reads all the parameters … Even though you post the variables from one HTML page, you'll not be able to play around with those variables in the second page if its written in html. I know I have a lot to learn. You can view content of ViewContext object in your page at any time by setting a break point in Razor view itself. Support » Plugin: Formidable Form Builder - Contact Form, Survey & Quiz Forms Plugin for WordPress » Pass URL Parameters to Form Field Defaults? This tutorial builds upon the previous tutorial at /2010/10/html5-saving-canvas-image-data-using-php-and-ajax, with additional explanation on how to pass parameters along with the canvas data. A variable name and a value. 2. I tried to run a Html.action on my page with a query in the action that im trying to call. Name the fields the same as your incoming parameters. When you want to passed any value to action method then specify the RouteValues. You can't, in short. Questions: I am a novice at JavaScript and jQuery. Because they are type submit, if you CLICK one of the last two, the form should submit to two places, however, if you click the first one, the form will only go to newinsert.php and no matter which one you click on the last two, one will be left over. Two common ones are the FORM scope, which holds values that have been passed from HTML forms, and the URL scope, which holds parameters passed in the URL. Notice the use of the